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TiVo Xtend™ CTV Delivers

With our history of innovation, we’re always finding new ways to connect TV data with advertising platforms. Our suite of capabilities harnesses deterministic first-party data that captures both linear and streaming viewers for the most comprehensive campaigns.

Monthly Households

Premium Channels Across 12 Genres

Viewable Non-Skipable Ads

The TiVo Xtend™ Product Suite



  • Access to premium connected TV inventory, layered with the industry’s most representative linear viewership data
  • National footprint of 30+ million households that is device-agnostic
  • Best-in-class content across 200+ contextually relevant channels and genres
  • Transparent metrics on campaign delivery and performance
  • :06, :15 and :30 dynamic ad formats to meet any campaign creative, ad specs and duration

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads

  • Dynamically embedded advertising in targeted recommendations carousels
  • Engaging viewers when they’re most receptive and streamlining their content choices
  • Organically integrating relevant advertising into the content discovery experience
  • Introducing new viewers and attracting lapsed customers to your content

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