With TiVo Discovery Solutions:

Supercharge engagement and viewership with personalized content experiences.

Reduce churn by connecting viewers with entertainment they’ll love.

Increase operational efficiency through easily deployed solutions.

Fine-tune your offerings with data to understand, engage and retain customers.

Simplify the experience with conversational commands and relevant results.

Speed time to market so you immediately reap personalization’s benefits.

Products Suite

Search & Recommendations

Search & Recommendations

  • Unparalleled personalization based on viewer preferences and behaviors
  • Search that supports a variety of options and filtering ranges
  • Targeted content promotions and improved engagement
  • A predictive, dynamic and highly relevant experience



  • Search functionality using free-flowing conversational dialogue
  • Highly relevant and convenient results and recommendations
  • Enables personalized, more engaging entertainment discovery experiences

Advanced Metadata

Advanced Metadata

  • Rich content relationships for smarter recommendations
  • Captivating imagery that engages consumers
  • Streamlined paths for finding desired content



  • Analyze actual viewer behavior
  • Optimize content discovery, target promotions and monitor audience engagement
  • Extract key performance indicators (KPIs) from discovery use cases
  • Maximize the value of TiVo Discovery Solutions

Why TiVo Discovery Solutions?

No other provider has the full suite of tools to maximize engagement, which includes a search & recommendations platform, AI and machine learning capabilities, a behavioral analytics platform designed for video services, contextually aware voice system and advanced metadata sets.

We approach our customer relationships as a unique partnership – we only succeed when you do. We focus on the use cases that are most important to you and work together to adapt the technology to meet your goals.

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